A collection of news clippings

Since we launched in 2013, many writers have taken an interest in writing about us. 

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Writer with Armenian Roots Creates Home in Detroit

The Detroit News, 2017


A New Model For Write A House Means More Writers in Detroit

Model D Media, 2017


AN reports from the creative hub of IDEAS CITY Detroit

The Architects's Newspaper, 2016

Chicago Artist Chosen for Third Write A House

The Detroit News, 2016

What It's Like to Win a House

Refinery 29, 2016

Write A House Puts Homes in the Hands of Creatives

Daily Detroit, 2016


It's Not a Blank Slate

Mashable, 2015

Talkin’ One Mile Detroit, Write-A-House and The Corktown Strut Music Fest

WDET, 2016


Rebuilding Detroit One House at a Time

The New York Times, 2014