Our mission is simple: to leverage Detroit’s available housing in creative ways to bolster an emerging literary community to benefit the City of Detroit and its neighborhoods. We enliven the literary arts of Detroit by renovating homes and giving them to authors, journalists, poets, aka writers. It’s like a writer-in-residence program, only in this case we're actually giving the writer the residence, forever.


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Project Mission

Write A House (WAH) is a Detroit based organization that supports trade crafts and literary creativity. Our key tactic involves leveraging the availability of distressed housing in order to promote vocational education, home ownership, neighborhood stabilization, and creative arts. WAH supports a more vibrant literary arts community that lives at a grassroots level and helps Detroit’s neighborhoods. In short: We fix up homes and give them away to writers.

Project Goal

WAH seeks to (1) educate the under-employed on carpentry and building skills (2) use those skills to renovate Detroit city homes and (3) award those homes to writers. Like any literary community, writers will be awarded based on their writing and their desire to be here. WAH seeks to support low-income writers by awarding at least three homes each year. We will also publish a journal of arts and creative non-fiction to document the process, work to determine a sustainable and green approach to home renovation, and connect writers to support a more vibrant literary community in Detroit. Our long, long term goal involves building a literary colony in Detroit, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


Project Outcome

Through vocational training, we are giving employment-challenged Detroit residents job skills that will provide them with a self-sustaining future. Through home renovation, we are creating more stable and positive neighborhoods. Through our support of writers, we are creating a more vibrant literary arts scene in Detroit. And we’re giving writers homes.