If awarded the residency, can I bring my family and pets to this house?

Of course! It’s yours! You make the rules.

What is this house and neighborhood like?

Houses in this neighborhood typically have a full basement, one bathroom, a backyard, a front yard, and one (maybe two) bedrooms. Our first home was about 900 square feet altogether: you can see a photo gallery of it here. The second home is slightly larger, around 1,100 square feet, and it has a lovely little porch. All houses are near a park, a public elementary school, and a 17-year-old charter school. You will be about seven miles from downtown and three miles from Palmer Park.

Before you move in, Write A House will ensure that all plumbing, electrical and heating will be updated. The home will be insulated and the foundation and roof will be solid and sturdy. Bathrooms and the kitchen will be finished and the entire home will be up to code for a certificate of occupancy. The writer-in-residence should be prepared to provide appliances and find furniture, but will not be required to participate in any repairs or finishing details.

We will have additional details about the home that is available for our next Write A House winner soon, after our design and construction teams have determined the renovation plan.

What kind of neighborhood is this house in?

The neighborhood is in Detroit, north of Hamtramck (a tiny city surrounded on all four sides by Detroit) and south of the Davison Freeway. The neighborhood is sometimes called No Ham or Banglatown. Residents include an older Polish population, an established African-American population, and a growing Bangladeshi population. It is also home to a number of artists as well as the headquarters of the visual arts nonprofit Power House Productions. They helped inspire us with their thoughtful use of arts as a community development and engagement tool. They are great neighbors!

While we can’t disclose the address of your house (we want to protect it while we renovate it for you!), we encourage you to explore the area, either in person or on Google Street View. (You can search for “Bunche Elementary School, Detroit, MI” to get the gist.) You can also follow the blog of Casey Rocheteau, our first winner, to get a sense of her experience settling into the neighborhood.

While you are responsible for your own employment, we will work diligently to connect you to a network that supports not only your literary interests, but well beyond. We will provide a formal orientation to the City of Detroit (if you are not already a local), and we will offer continuing support that will include the following:

  • Introduction to a network of professionals relevant to the Writer-in-Residence’s preferred career or life arc.
  • Introduction to a network of professionals relevant to preferred volunteer and extracurricular activities.
  • Ongoing friendship and open contact regarding your questions and concerns.

We have also been known to host a lot of potlucks and literary readings featuring Write A House residents.

what can I expect from Write A House if I am awarded the residency?

We have other houses in the same neighborhood that are also designated for writers. However, we will be opening a new application process for these houses at a later time. Stay tuned for updates on our Facebook page.

If my application is not accepted, will you consider me for one of your other houses?

We are currently not well staffed enough to assist directly with this request. But we do hope you will come be our neighbor! D:Hive is a welcome center in Downtown Detroit and a great place to start planning a trip. Also, see below for a long list of Detroit resources and highlights.


I want to visit Detroit. Can you give me advice on what to see and who to talk to?

I’m interested in making my life as a writer in Detroit, whether or not my Write A House application is successful. Do you have suggestions for how to do that?

who do i contact if I have more questions?

If you have questions about the application process or the residency, please contact Write A House’s director of applications at wah.application@gmail.com.

Otherwise, our contact page is a great place to start.