$100 A sledgehammer and a hammer are usually a good start. 

New Front Door

$500 It's what our new residents will see every day when coming home. Let's make sure it is welcoming and secure. 

New House Clean Up

$1,000 The first step in getting a house under renovation is renting a dumpster and getting our volunteers out to bag up debris and clear it for the professional crew. Supplies needed include dust masks, water bottles, yard bags, gloves, rakes and shovels. 


$2,500 More than just beautification, a landscaping budget helps us pull out dead plants and grade the yard so that basements don't fill with rain water run off. 

New Windows

$5,000 Our homes, purchased for $1,000 each, always need new windows, often a replacement for every single window. This is an important first step for preventing more moisture in the house. 

Kitchen Overhaul

$10,000 New flooring, cabinets, counters, a sink and faucet, and an expert team to install it. 

Two New Bathrooms, Plumbing

$15,000 Each job site hires a local apprentice for a paid labor position through the Future Build job training program. $15,000 is a job for a local Detroiter struggling with income instability and looking to be full time employed in the construction trades. 

Total Remodel: Home Exterior

$25,000  A donation of $25,000 transforms a $1,000 blighted structure back into a safe, habitable structure that we can make into a home. The cost includes new windows, new doors, roof improvements and replacements, porch improvements, siding repair and replacement and general beautification.