Challenge! Curious what is the best symbolic number to donate to Write A House, we recently put out a challenge. We suggested things like $4.51 out of respect for Ray Bradbury, $20 in honor of Neruda's 20 Love Poems (though we offer no song of despair) or $22 with a nod to Joseph Heller. Fans chimed in with donations ranging from $19.84 for Mr. Orwell, $82 which is the periodic number for lead, a key element in writing. Then there was $3.14 as an incomplete homage to The Life of Pi, 14.54for the year the Gutenberg Bible was published, and 49 for Mr Pynchon.

We are, of course, partial to $1001 (because we LOVE the Arabian Nights,) but we're curious what sort of a literary donation you'd like to make, 'cause you're pretty smart & well read, right? Let us know!