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Working with InsideOut Literary Arts

I started teaching in 2007 with City Year, Americorps largest program which primarily focuses on literacy in public school classrooms across the country. It is an organization which is often criticized for putting untrained young people into classrooms. I was certainly that, working in 8th grade civics classrooms twice a week and also running programming at a teen center on the border between Jamaica Plain and Roxbury in Boston. While I had never formally done any teaching before, most of my work was relegated to classroom assistance and also helping students conceive of and execute civic engagement projects in their school and broader community. While the work was taxing, over-taxing at times, overall the experience steered me on a path towards working with youth. At the present time, I teach poetry two days a week at two high schools in Detroit. I am fortunate to have gained a position as a Writer in Residence for insideOut Literary Arts, a Detroit-based writing and literacy organization founded by Terry Blackhawk nearly two decades ago. (Eddie Stewart is a student at Marcus Garvey. He works with iO's Peter Markus at his school.)

2015: The Year of Relentless Optimism

2015: The Year of Relentless Optimism

Happy 2015 Everyone!

In this new year, I’ll be posting to the Write A House blog once a week. My intention is to write about my experiences here in Detroit, highlight some of the amazing spots in the city, and interview folks within the writing, publishing and arts communities here in the D. I’ve been here just over two months now, and can comfortably say that I truly enjoy living here. So much has happened in the past few months that a recap would be cumbersome, so I’ll try to focus in on a few elements to here.