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Write A House and Young Detroit Builders Clean Up First Home To Be Renovated

This post was written by Write A House intern Kenneth Beatty. With the assistance of Young Detroit Builders, it took just under two hours to clean out a house, owned by Write-A-House, which will be under renovation later this month. The team tore through walls, swept out their remnants, tossed a desk from a second story window, axed through a dog house, trashed a classic blue kiddy pool, ripped out dandelions and kicked down a battered wooden fence to top it off.

And that was just the cleaning part!

A few members of our team went door to door to let the surrounding community know about our progress, and the response was encouraging. Nearly everyone answered our knocks reminding us of how wonderful this project really is. There is no question we’ll be going door to door again in the future to keep them updated. We want to assure our outreach is not out-of-reach for these wonderful people, and it will bode better for the future the more they can get involved for future events and what lies ahead.

Thus far, it’s truly been a humbling experience. We are excited to get back to work in hopes that the neighborhood can get behind us. Hopefully, they can get behind one another as well.