The Write A House crew has not officially announced what it’s up to. Some folk might consider this to be mighty mysterious. We don’t mean to be mysterious. Actually what we’re doing is pretty simple and very non-secret, we’re merely waiting until we get some legal ducks in a row and other pieces carefully assembled before we start crowing to the skies about it. In short, this is what we’re up to: We would like to refurbish homes in Detroit neighborhoods and give them as grants to writers. That is the short answer. The longer answer is that when we refurbish these homes, we will be working with Young Detroit Builders, educating youth on rebuilding and renovation. We will also not simply be randomly choosing homes, but rather we will be looking for Detroit neighborhoods that we think could be stabilized with the addition of a few more stable residents. The only question is, are there writers out there interested in being granted homes in Detroit? Relocating here is an adventure and the community here is incredibly supportive, but who knows what will happen? Time will tell.