Over three years, Write A House rehabilitated three vacant homes for three writers in Detroit’s Banglatown neighborhood, on the city’s near east side. These homes may have very well had different fates. In 2011, the city was in the throes of America’s housing crisis. Thousands of properties churned through the wrenching process of foreclosure. Families displaced. Lives uprooted. Neighborhoods lost millions in value as they became scarred with tens of thousands of vacant homes. Demolition was often the eventual outcome.

But thanks to generous support of funders like Knight, Hudson-Weber, and GTB, as well as hundreds of individuals like you, Write A House was able to raise nearly $250,000 to save three of those houses from the demolition pipeline. In a small way, Write A House helped address the foreclosure crisis, providing some stability to a small corner of one Detroit neighborhood. For that, we are immensely proud, and remain truly grateful to everyone who believed in our mission.

Before And After: Our Second Banglatown house transformed (above)

Today, each of those three homes has a new life, supporting the efforts of writers, journalists, and poets, and contributing to the creative energies of one of the city’s more dynamic and diverse neighborhoods. And while Detroit’s housing market is slowly recovering, we believe that there are still opportunities for renovating troubled properties and providing housing to writers in Detroit,

What is Write A House’s future? You can help us chart the next course.

In 2019 we will continue our renovations of the North End Duplex. Just like the Banglatown properties, we started with a distressed, boarded property that needs an entire interior rebuild.

The progress at our duplex renovation over the last six months. (above)

Can you help us finish this transformation? Write A House is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. No donation is too small to help make a difference! We also accept donations of used (working!) appliances, and building materials.