We wanted to share with you what our writers in residence have been producing over the winter-to-spring season. (Those are, in fact, generally two seasons, but this year in Michigan they feel like one). We began this program as a very open-ended fellowship. We found emerging writers whose work was strong and growing, and asked them to come make more of it. That's all. We didn't set a schedule or an amount, we just waited to see what would happen. Here's what happened:

Casey Rocheteau, poet, Write A House resident since November 2014. First-time homeowner

Race/Play, published in Duende

Does Dave Chappelle Care About Black People? published in Medium

As Around the Sun the Earth Knows She’s Revolving published in Muzzle 

Casey recently did a reading at The New School in New York. Follow Casey on her website and twitter

Liana Aghajanian, journalist, Write A House resident since February 2016. Liana will become a first-time homeowner in March 2018

The Complicated History of Headscarves, in Racked 

What It’s Like to Live in Hamtramck, a Majority-Muslim City in Michigan, Right Now, in Teen Vogue

MLS wants a Detroit expansion team, but Detroit City FC fans want them to get lost, in SB Nation 

Follow Liana on her website and twitter. 

Anne Elizabeth Moore, Cultural Critic, Write A House resident since May 2016. Anne will become a first-time homeowner in May 2018

BODY HORROR: CAPITALISM, FEAR, MISOGYNY, JOKES, published by Curbside Splendor

Anne is on book tour and her schedule is available here. Follow Anne on her website and twitter.